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Family Finds New Opportunities in Door County

“My base level expectation of human existence is that we all deserve inclusion,” says Josh Puetz as he and his partner, Sean Grorich, share how welcomed they have felt since moving here with their daughter, Evelyn, in May of 2017.    Sean and Josh have been together 21 years, having met at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and married just 4 years ago in Seattle.   Along the way, they started a family, adopting Evelyn at birth ten years ago.


Sean, Josh, and Evelyn


Although serendipity played a part in the adoption of this little girl, the unique experiences as a gay couple in the adoption process solidified their relationship and allowed them to help other couples along the way.   The family decided to relocate to Door County last year after Sean retired from a career as a nurse anesthetist, with Josh’s family living close by.   They were so excited to learn about the first Open Door Pride event and became involved immediately.   Josh now appreciates the beauty of Sturgeon Bay daily working from home, and Sean is pursuing a   massage therapy license with plans to open a studio at the Bay Lofts in July offering massage therapy, yoga and health/wellness coaching.

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