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Open Door Pride is a 100% volunteer organization.  We rely on people like you to help us execute our mission of affirming diversity through inclusion for all. We are always seeking volunteers to help make our community a more welcoming place to visit and live.

Think you can help us make Door County a more inclusive place? Contact us today and find out how you can make a difference in the community!


Sponsor Our Initiatives


Open Door Pride’s sponsors make our year-round efforts possible. Your support and contributions can help us produce our annual Pride Festival, fund LGBTQIA+ community resources, and more!

When you sponsor Open Door Pride you become recognized as an ally in the community, have a positive impact on the lives of LGBTQIA+ individuals, and earn loyalty through your contribution to a compassionate cause.

Support Open Door Pride

Thanks to our amazing donors, we’re able to fund the ODP Scholarship, our annual Open Door Pride Festival, and many other community initiatives. 

Every dollar donated helps fund LGBTQIA+ resources and programs in Door County! Your donation is instrumental in helping us achieve our goals.



Open Door Pride welcomes applicants to join our Board of Directors, guide our efforts, and make our mission a reality!

If you want to directly, and positively, impact our community, love meeting new people, planning outstanding events, and advocating for equal human rights, we want you to apply now!


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